City Electric Supply Endorses NEMRA POS Standards

City Electric Supply Endorses NEMRA POS Standards

CARMEL, In. — City Electric Supply has endorsed NEMRA’s POS / POT Minimum Reporting Standards.

With more than 550 locations in 30 states, City Electric, one of the fastest-growing distributors in North America, provides POS information to many of its manufacturers. According to Andrew Dawes, co-COO of City Electric, “Independent manufacturer representatives are important to us and we want them to be appropriately compensated for supporting our local branches. City Electric was built on the power of local. When we started sharing POT information with manufacturers that we stock in our centralized warehouses we utilized the NEMRA format from the beginning. We’re happy to formally endorse the standards and encourage all of our manufacturers to endorse, and accept, this format.”

Jim Johnson, President of NEMRA, commented, “On behalf of the NEMRA independent manufacturer representatives we appreciate City Electric’s endorsement, and more importantly, utilization, of our POS format. Having standards facilitates the flow of information and this critical information is needed to ensure independent manufacturer representatives are compensated fairly and accurately. Like City, NEMRA believes in the power of local as that is where our members excel … in helping their manufacturers service, and grow, sales in their local markets.”

For more information on NEMRA’s POS initiative, to read the research and see which manufacturers and distributors have endorsed and adopted the standards go to https://www.nemra.org/point-of-sale-initiative.

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