City Electric Supply Opens New Store in Kenosha

City Electric Supply Opens New Store in Kenosha

KENOSHA, Wisc. — City Electric Supply is thrilled to announce the opening of its new branch in Kenosha. Branch Manager Sean Creighton is excited for his team to support the many small businesses in their tight-knit community. And as for contractors, the new store is expecting to be of great help.

“We’re located smack-dab in the middle of town. For our contractors, it’s convenient for them because they get to avoid the busier, industrial northside where a lot of our competitors are,” said Creighton. “To top it off, surrounding our branch are neighborhoods where these contractors live. It’s incredibly convenient for them.”

And with Creighton’s leadership, the new branch is destined for success. He joined CES just four years ago, and through his determination to succeed, he was able to open his own branch just a few years later.

“I started as a driver and worked at each position before I was offered an opportunity to start my own branch. I’ve been through it all,” he said, “the good times, the bad, and everything in between. When my team asks me questions about the warehouse or customers, I can give them advice because I’ve been there.”

And when it comes to the struggles of having to learn and develop knowledge on the job, Creighton says he’s been there. He left his previous sales job to seek a better opportunity and joined CES with very little comprehension of the industry. He’d like to give others that same opportunity.

“I started with minimal electrical knowledge, but CES has taught me 95% of everything I know in the electrical industry. Just from coming in and putting in the work and trying to learn more,” he said. “CES taught me a new way of selling and relationship building. I have met some of the best people, contractors, and employees. I came to CES to seek new opportunities, and I got it. Given the same opportunity myself, I want to keep passing that on.”

Though this new branch has been open for a short time, the team is already working on building relationships. As Creighton says, they’d like to get to know their customers, not just sell to them.

“We’re already seeing customers grab coffee and hang out for a while,” he said. “We’re kind of the fun place to go, willing to have conversations with people and build relationships. We will do whatever it takes to make sure the customer is happy and has the material they need, when they need it.”

As for what’s to come, Creighton says it’s to stick to their goals, stay positive, and work together. But most of all, he’s excited for the team to grow relationships with customers in Kenosha.

“Our philosophy is that no one is too good for any job,” he added. “We all deliver, we all do warehouse work, we all know what it takes to be successful. We tell our customers that we’ll stock anything they use,” he said. “We go out of our way for anyone. Whether it’s a $1 sale or a $100,000 sale, everything counts. Our main goal with customers is to build trust, build relationships, and be their number one reliable source.”

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