City Electric Supply Opens Third Tennessee Location of 2023

City Electric Supply Opens Third Tennessee Location of 2023

LAWRENCEBURG, Tenn. — Electrical wholesale distributor City Electric Supply (CES) has officially opened the doors to its Lawrenceburg location. The location will be the third store the company has opened in the state so far this year.

“After several visits to Lawrenceburg and talking with local people, we are excited to open a location here in town. It’s clear a lot of growth is anticipated in the area, and there’s a lot of opportunity to establish our business here,” said District Manager Mike Mosketti.

The team found the location and took four months to get everything ready to open, start to finish.

“I found the building one day as I was driving around. We looked around and realized it would be a great fit for our needs,” said Branch Manager Scott Liggett. “We were able to do a little cosmetic work to the building and start serving customers pretty quickly.”

CES Lawrenceburg is the first official supply house in Lawrenceburg. CES has an existing customer base that lives and works in the area. This location will help fill a hole for those customers and be an opportunity to introduce new business to CES. This location will also serve customers in other states- Lawrenceburg is 30 minutes from the Alabama state line.

“This location is about 40 minutes south of our Columbia location. We have several customers in the area, and there’s a lot of new business we are excited to meet and help serve,” said Mike. “CES has a wide portfolio of products, and we’re going to be able to accommodate a wide variety of business.”

Branch Manager Scott Liggett has nearly four decades of experience in the electrical industry, starting as a driver in electrical distribution in 1986. He met outside salesman Hal Brown earlier in his career, and the two look forward to growing the team in Lawrenceburg. Combined, the branch has close to 80 years of experience in electrical distribution.

“I have received so much experience in the various positions I’ve worked in, and I look forward to passing my knowledge on here at Lawrenceburg. Hal is my right-hand guy, and he has so much knowledge in this industry and distribution,” said Scott.

The team at CES Lawrenceburg looks forward to meeting community members and assisting people with their electrical needs.

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