Colonial Electric Supply Partners with IDEA Exchange

Colonial Electric Supply Partners with IDEA Exchange

ARLINGTON, Va. — Colonial Electric Supply has partnered with IDEA Exchange℠ Managed Services, a leading provider of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and digital integration for distributors and manufacturers. By leveraging IDEA Exchange Managed Services, Colonial Electric Supply aims to streamline its EDI processes, enhance efficiency, and foster stronger business relationships with its trading partners.

Many companies in the industry face EDI staffing challenges. As a result, outsourcing EDI management continues to grow in popularity. In the past six months, a growing list of companies have chosen IDEA for managed services.

“With digital integration expertise and electrical industry experience, the IDEA Exchange team understands our business and knows our trading partners,” said Paul Waters, VP of Systems at Colonial Electric Supply. “With IDEA, With IDEA, we can streamline both our vendor and customer transactions, improve accuracy, and provide a seamless ordering experience.”

EDI saves labor and time by automating manual processes and digitally generating and exchanging critical business documents such as purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notices. IDEA Exchange℠ Managed Services goes further by managing those processes and facilitating business transactions.

IDEA Exchange offers a comprehensive suite of EDI solutions to simplify complex data integration tasks, reduce manual errors, and increase operational efficiency. By leveraging the industry’s leading VAN with managed services, customers benefit from:

  • Expert support and proactive issue resolution
  • EDI and digital integration monitoring
  • Trading partner onboarding and EDI mapping
  • Ongoing software and security updates

These capabilities enable customers to enhance supply chain operations, reduce processing time, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

“We’re honored the electrical distribution industry trusts IDEA to support their critical business transactions,” said David Oldfather, President and CEO of IDEA. “We look forward to partnering with Colonial Electric Supply on its digital journey, along with other new managed services clients, including Elliott Electric, Buckles-Smith, and Eiko.”

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