Concord Electric Supply Opens Another Island Location

Concord Electric Supply Opens Another Island Location

NANTUCKET, Mass. — Concord Electric Supply (CES) has opened a branch on the island of Nantucket, off Cape Cod Massachusetts. Officially open and ready to serve customers, the company set a goal to open a location over seven years ago. CES has wanted to open since 2016 when District Manager Jeremy Higgins discovered there was a building available through a friend on the island. And relationships have helped get this location open from the beginning.

“One of my friends was an electrical inspector on the island and told me about this building,” said Jeremy. “It popped up at what we thought was perfect timing. We came over, bought the building, and decided to put an apartment upstairs to have employee housing.”

On an island the size of 49 square miles, this branch sits at 4,000 square feet with outside storage. CES Nantucket is located about half a mile from the airport, closer to the middle of the island.

Higgins added, “The location for this branch is perfect. It’s on a lot in the middle of the island, and the building needed minimal work done.”

While CES was in the process of opening Nantucket, the team encountered their fair share of challenges. Getting through everything from various permits, bringing water down the street for a sprinkler, and building employee housing took time.

“Our hope after spending this time preparing CES Nantucket is that our customers see that we did this for them. There was benefit and value in taking the time to do it right,” said Higgins. “We want to be here to help them, and we want our customers to receive the best service possible.”

CES Nantucket will be led by Branch Manager Kevin Kitsock. Kitsock has 30 years of trade experience, moving to Nantucket in 1993 with previous experience working on Martha’s Vineyard and in New York.

“My operations manager, Alec Conn, knows the product very well, and he’s great with our computer system. My counter guy has over 50 years of experience in the trade industry and is a former electrician himself,” said Kitsock. “He set up all of our shelves and knows everything we have in this building, inside and out.”

CES Nantucket branch wants customers to know that their doors have officially opened for business.

“We are excited to serve the customers on the island. Make sure to stop by,” said Kitsock.

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