Day 1 At The NECA Show

Overheard during the first hour of the NECA show, which opened to contractors on Sunday, October 13.

Contractor #1, “Seen anything you can’t live without?”

Contractor #2, “Too much to count.”

And that was pretty much the way the opening day went at the event, as contractors, distributors and manufacturers made their best impressions on each other.  The event at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. officially kicked off with the opening reception.  NECA president Don Wiebe spoke first, and discussed the three issues that he promised to address at last year’s event.  While he admitted he is not where he wants to be in the CW/CE agreements, he also says there is positive movement and believes an agreement can be reached.  Wiebe also says he is working on pension reform, which was another goal from last year.  And he added that his goal to create new business for contractors is working. He mentioned many chapters are working with business development chapters, “We are going to fight for every piece of business that we get,” Wiebe promised.

Next, NECA’S political action committee, ECPAC, addressed the audience by announcing the guidelines for the next year. ECPAC will work with congress to overturn the Affordable Care Act, pension reform, tax reform and infrastructure investment.



From there, it was time to move inside the convention hall to see what the exhibitors had to offer to contractors this year.  What we saw was a wide variety of new products, expanded product lines, and elaborate displays intended to attract the contractors’ eye.  Many manufacturers brought countless amounts of their products to give away, and many contractors had bags filled with items.

Many of the contractors were able to see the how the products worked, thanks to displays like Milwaukee, Southwire, Madison Electric and Arlington. Many of the people inside the booths told tED magazine that they are happy to see the reactions from contractors, because the products are often what the contractors are asking for from the job site. 

Monday’s session includes a Labor Relations Special Session in the morning, which will focus on the Affordable Care Act and what it means for contractors.

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