Day 2 At The NAED National Meeting Focuses On Technology

Monday at the NAED National Meeting in San Francisco kicks off with a continuation of our speaker series.

After an introduction by NAED Chair of the Board Sandy Rosecrans at 8am, David Pogue, a New York Times columnist will start the series.  Pogue is a best-selling author of the books relating to technology and how to use it to your advantage.  Pogue writes a column in the New York Times newspaper, along with an online column and an online video every week.  He is also the tech correspondent for CBS News and is a frequent guest on NPR’s “Morning Edition”.

Pogue will be speaking to the members of NAED about the overwhelming mix of technology trends and how they all impact the supply chain in electrical distribution.  During his question and answer session, Pogue will be able to provide help to you in terms of which technology fits your needs best and how you can incorporate new technology to improve your business.

At 9am, Leonard Brody, entrepreneur and venture capitalist will take the second part of the speaker series.  Brody ahs helped raise millions of dollars for startup companies, and is one of the leaders in using technology for user-focused information.  He will teach the audience some of the basics when it comes to using technology to enhance your business, and also some of the little known tricks of the trade to get ahead.  Brody has given past speeches on how technology will chage in the next year or two years, so you can be better prepared for the potential use of it. Brody is also a social media strategist, so anyone who is looking to expand in that area will have the opportunity to ask questions of him after his speech.

The third and final speaker in the Monday morning session is Don Leavens, Ph. D.  Leavens is the vice president and chief economist fir NEMA.  He is known for is accurate economic forecasting, and in 2011 won the Wall Street Journal economic forecasting survey.  Leavens will discuss the key economic forces that will drive the electrical industry through the next 18 months, how he expects economic recovery to go, and how these two topics will impact electrical distribution while pointing out the key risks in the year ahead.

Leavens will also take questions from the audience at the conclusion of his speech.



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