Dennis Guey to Retire from the Industry

Dennis Guey is retiring after over 38 successful years in electrical distribution. After graduating college, he joined Rexel’s manager training program and he is ending his career as the Vice President of Sales for Stanion Wholesale Electric. What he will miss the most is the strong relationships he’s developed locally, regionally, and nationally over the years. Beginning July 1st, he and his family are looking forward to the additional quality time together.

From Bill Keller, President of Stanion:

Most people look forward to retirement as a time when they can enjoy life after completion of a successful career doing work that they truly enjoyed. Dennis Guey has come to that point in his life. Whenever we experience the retirement of a valuable member of the SWECO family, we are happy that the individual is in a position to move into that stage in life; but we are sad because we are losing a valuable member of our team. Dennis came to us with a lot of experience in the business. He very quickly became a very valuable part of Stanion Wholesale Electric Co. Dennis has been a hard worker who used his knowledge and experience in our industry to make SWECO a better company. He was the driving force behind some valuable new initiatives, and he worked hard to help us continually improve. One of the valuable things about having Dennis on our team was his perspective of being someone who had worked for other distributors and in markets outside of our area.

So, we congratulate Dennis on his upcoming retirement; but we will miss him.

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