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DistributED: Franklin “Sully” Sullivan

“I want to make our industry better.”

Franklin “Sully” Sullivan, Senior Vice-President of Channel Strategy and Execution for ABB, just celebrated 49 years of work in our supply chain.

He is currently writing a book about the leadership skills people taught him that are directly related to electrical distribution, and he plans to have it completed sometime next year.

He’s also going to be providing his insights on leadership at the upcoming NAED LEAD Conference, which is scheduled for October 3-5 at the Hilton City Center in Denver, Colorado. His presentation is titled, “Jump Start: Short-cuts For Future Industry Leaders”. If you are someone who has plans to become a future manager, are already managing others but want to sharpen your skills, or if you are a training or Human Resources manager who wants to work on your management succession plan, you can register to attend the NAED LEAD Conference at www.naed.org/LEAD.

On this podcast, “Sully” talks about how his father and other mentors helped teach him management skills, why he is excited about attending the NAED LEAD Conference, and details the 24 chapters in his upcoming book.


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