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DistributED: Personal Branding

This podcast stems from a conversation with Desiree Grace at the NAED Eastern Region Conference last November.

One of the attendees noticed that Desiree was wearing a dress that is the same color as the company she represents, Cembre’. That made us think about the two-way street branding provides.

First, the company wants to make sure all of its employees not only understand the branding, but make sure it is known to customers and partners in all transactions. Likewise, the actions and conversations by employees represent the company’s brand at all times.

How do you make sure everyone is on board and recognizes the importance of personal and professional branding?

Desiree Grace and Andrea Olson are regular contributors to the “DistributED with tED magazine” podcast. Desiree Grace is the President of the Americas for Cembre and Andrea Olson is a Customer-Centricity expert and the CEO of Pragmadik.


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