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DistributED Podcast: NAED’s Adventure Roundtable Preview

NAED’s Independent Data Insights Advisor Mark McGready will host the next Adventure Virtual Roundtable event on Thursday, October 14 at 1pm Central time to help you get a clear picture of the differences between your customers.

McGready will help you use the tools at your disposal for three key activities:

  • to take an audit of the changing business from before the pandemic to today
  • to define and understand the upcoming market changes that will impact your business
  • to build a tailored activity-specific plan of your goals and objectives in a post-pandemic world

Following the 15-20 minute presentation, McGready will take questions from attendees.

His presentation will focus on fish, which he explains in this “DistributED with tED magazine” podcast episode.

You can register for the Virtual Adventure Roundtable series at www.naed.org/adventure-roundtable.


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