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DistributED Podcast: Peter Zeihan and Global Strategy

Peter Zeihan is a geopolitical strategist, which is a fancy way of saying he helps people understand how the world works. Peter combines an expert understanding of demography, economics, energy, politics, technology, and security to help clients best prepare for an uncertain future.

He will be the keynote speaker at the upcoming NAED 2021 Virtual National Meeting beginning May 24-27.

While Americans believe that their greatest days are behind them and that a series of new powers is rising up to displace them, Zeihan finds the opposite. America’s best days — militarily, economically, financially and culturally — are still ahead of them. In fact, many of the states that the Americans feel are up-and-comers — most notably China, Russia and India — are merely experiencing a historical moment in the sun courtesy of factors utterly beyond their control. Most of the powers of tomorrow are countries that the Americans have very little knowledge of. The major powers of 2030 will not be based in Beijing or Moscow, but in Jakarta, Buenos Aires, Warsaw, Istanbul and Mexico City.

Zeihan talks gives us a preview of his keynote presentation in this “DistributED with tED magazine” podcast. You can register for the 2021 NAED Virtual National Meeting by clicking here.


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