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DistributED: Recruiting Your Next Great Hire, Pt 1

This month, tED magazine is looking into your recruiting issues, as we continue to try to attract bright, new talent to our supply chain. Coming up on January 15, tED magazine’s digital-only edition will focus entirely on best practices you can use to reach potential new associates.

One of the best schools in the country for Supply Chain Management is Michigan State University, which is about to graduate more than 350 students with Supply Chain Management degrees this year. Last September, the school held a career fair for those graduates, and 110 different companies attended. The school is planning a similar event next month.

With the competition to hire the best talent so strong, what do you need to do to gain the attention of your next successful hire? Rather than following the advice of “experts” on the next generation of the workforce, the DistributED with tED magazine podcast invited two upcoming graduates from Michigan State University to find out what they are looking for in their careers, and how you can move to the front of the line to attract the best and most talented graduates possible.

In part 1 of this interview, we talked with Jacob and Gigi about their experiences in the recruiting process, including sending out resumes and attending career fairs, and what interested them in specific opportunities.


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