Eaton Joins the Health Sector Climate Pledge

Eaton Joins the Health Sector Climate Pledge

PITTSBURGH — Intelligent power management company Eaton announced it has joined the White House and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Health Sector Climate Pledge to accelerate healthcare decarbonization and environmental resilience. Signing the pledge underscores Eaton’s commitment to achieve ambitious sustainability goals, including science-based greenhouse gas reduction targets and carbon-neutral operations by 2030.

The healthcare industry currently accounts for 8.5% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Eaton joins more than 100 organizations in signing the pledge to cut emissions 50% by 2030 and strengthen resilience against climate change.

“Bold action is needed to minimize the impact of climate change. At Eaton, we are helping our customers in the healthcare industry and beyond chart a path toward sustainability,” said Harold Jones, chief sustainability officer and executive vice president, Eaton Business System, Eaton. “We’re on pace to meet our ambitious sustainability goals and support collaborative efforts like this worldwide to help ensure a low-carbon future.”

Through its expansive portfolio of intelligent power management solutions, Eaton is helping healthcare customers simplify the energy transition to strengthen resilience, better manage existing electrical infrastructure and prepare for future energy requirements. Eaton is working with leading healthcare organizations to deploy clean energy and microgrid systems, update and modernize infrastructure, electrify fossil-fueled processes, and establish the flexibility needed to better manage evolving community healthcare needs.

“Now is the time to decarbonize healthcare,” said Justin Carron, global healthcare segment director at Eaton. “Today, there are vast opportunities to put the energy transition, electrification and digitalization to work to improve sustainability, resilience, reliability and the bottom line. And federal incentives for clean energy projects are infusing new resources to help healthcare organizations accelerate their energy and environmental goals.”

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