ElectricSmarts Joins NAED’s Preferred Provider Program

ElectricSmarts Joins NAED’s Preferred Provider Program

(NAED) ElectricSmarts Network has been approved as an NAED Preferred Provider in the Marketing, PaaS, and Product Content categories.

ElectricSmarts provides unique marketing solutions for manufacturers to influence contractors’ purchasing decisions through hundreds of distributor websites and the ElectricSmarts Network portal. They also serve distributors with “Plug & Play” Content and eCatalog for their website, eNewsletter Builder, and NetPricer estimating software integration.

With twenty-six categories tying back to the Building a Connected Business Project, NAED’s Preferred Provider Program is designed to give NAED distributor and manufacturer members quick and easy access to the broad range of technology products and services to succeed in today’s highly digitized and competitive market.

“NAED is committed to helping our distributor and manufacturer members find the technology products and services they need to succeed now and in the future of our data-driven marketplace. When companies like ElectricSmarts Network join the Preferred Provider Program, we know it will help our members build a connected business for the future,” Tom Naber, President and CEO of NAED said.

NAED will be hosting a FREE Preferred Provider Virtual Showcase on June 6 – 7, 2023. Register here and join us to learn how NAED’s Preferred Technology and Service Providers can help you improve efficiency, reduce costs, drive digital transformation, and increase revenue.

To access the list of companies in the NAED Preferred Provider Program, learn more about how it can help you address your needs, or become a part of the Preferred Provider Program, go to

NAED Preferred Providers pay NAED an application and maintenance fee and are only selected if they meet the Preferred Provider criteria, including four positive references from NAED member companies. NAED makes no and expressly disclaims any, representations, or warranties, express or implied, regarding the vendor(s), their product(s) and/or service(s) and/or any other service(s) provided by NAED herein.
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