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Futures Group Office Hours: AI and the Future of the Industry

Just when you think Artificial Intelligence has evolved into your everyday use, it’s actually continuing to build upon itself and open up even more possibilities to help your business. Just imagine where AI will be one year from now and beyond.

On Thursday, NAED’s Futures Group will host its latest “Office Hours” where you are invited to join the conversation about AI. To register, go to https://www.naed.org/futures.

For a preview of what to expect, NAED’s Ed Orlet hosted the association’s new Technology Director for a Digital Distribution Supply Chain Satya Sanivarapu, Michael Delgado Founder of Canals.ai, and Mark Dancer, special advisor to the NAED Futures Group.

You can register to attend the Office Hours at https://www.naed.org/futures.


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