Graybar Supports Bill to Increase Career Opportunities

Graybar Supports Bill to Increase Career Opportunities

For many early-career professionals, internships and apprenticeships are a vital step in building a bright future. The State of Missouri recently approved the Intern and Apprentice Recruitment Act, which offers companies a tax credit of $1,500 per paid intern or paid apprentice up to $9,000. Missouri already ranks as one of the top states for apprenticeship programs, and this bill reinforces the state’s commitment to expanding job opportunities across a wide range of industries.

Graybar is a strong supporter of internships and development programs that help employees achieve success. The company’s formal internship program started in 2012, and since that time, more than 250 students have completed the program. Interns from across the company gain valuable experience through this program, and some students land full-time careers with Graybar after they complete their college graduation.

Graybar also has a distinct perspective on the importance of apprenticeships. As a distributor that serves the construction industry, the company sees firsthand how many of its contractor customers are challenged to attract people to careers in the skilled trades, even though these jobs are in high demand and many offer high pay and good benefits. To help its customers and the broader industry address this challenge, Graybar established the Graybar Construction Trades Scholarship program in 2019 to raise the visibility of opportunities in the construction trades, enhance the perception of the trades as a desirable career path and remove barriers for those with financial needs.

“Attracting and retaining talent is a priority, and I believe that together, we can create incredible opportunities for hardworking individuals and forward-thinking companies across Missouri,” said Graybar Chairman, President and CEO Kathleen M. Mazzarella, who participated in the bill signing. “I applaud the state of Missouri for investing in early career programs that will strengthen our workforce for generations to come, and I thank Missouri Governor Mike Parson for his continued leadership on this important issue.”

You can learn more about the Graybar Construction Trades Scholarship by visiting poweringtrades.com. Read more about the Intern and Apprentice Recruitment Act here.

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