HPS Celebrates 100 Years

HPS Celebrates 100 Years

Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) has reached a milestone this year, celebrating its 100 year Anniversary. Since their inception in 1917, HPS has grown from a small family owned business in the short wave radio market to one of the largest transformer and reactor manufacturers.

“This is undeniably a milestone to celebrate that a Canadian, family-managed company has survived and now dominates the North American dry-type transformer industry after 100 years “, stated Bill Hammond, Chairman and CEO of HPS. “This speaks to the diversity and capabilities that we have built over the decades with regards to our products, channels, markets, geography, and our employees. “

To commemorate this occasion, HPS plans to celebrate globally by dedicating the year to honouring their devoted employees, valued partners, and loyal customers through promotions and special scheduled events. As HPS reflects back at their achievements, they will continue the same focus on quality and service that brought them to where they are today into the next 100 years.


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