I Belong Here Program Joins NAED

I Belong Here Program Joins NAED

I Belong Here, the group created by distributors and manufacturers in our supply chain, will become a part of NAED in 2024 and beyond.

I Belong Here will remain a resource for diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and will continue the very popular Voices series next year. With a vision and mission to influence the mindsets and actions of people to value differences to create stronger, more inclusive workplace environments and communities through strategic initiatives and partnerships across the industry, the program will continue to create and sustain an open culture of unity that understands the core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“How do we create a safe environment for people to share their stories,” Laura Brock, Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer at nVent says. Brock will become the first NAED Committee Chair for the I Belong Here program. “I Belong Here is a firm believer in we all learn best when we learn from each other, so how do we give people the safe space to share what an experience is like when you don’t share the same diversity demographic as most of the people that you work with.”

The partnership comes at a time when NAED-member companies are looking for help with their diversity, equity, and inclusion programs. “One of things that I hear from our members is that workforce development is one of our greatest needs, Gail Reynoso, NAED’s Member Recruitment and Engagement Manager said. “Looking at I Belong Here’s programming and how focused it has been on building inclusive organizations, I know that our members are trying to build the types of organizations that attract and retain talent, and they want to be the places that employees can be their authentic selves.”

Right now, NAED has scheduled four webinar events to continue the Voices series in 2024. They are:

  • Tuesday, March 5, 9:00 am Central Time
  • Thursday, May 16, 9:00 am Central Time
  • A Fall Livestream from the NAED LEAD Conference
  • Thursday, November 14, 9:00 am Central Time

NAED is asking for your feedback on topics and conversations in 2024, and also looking for more members to be involved in the program. It has set up a special e-mail address that you can use at

And you can always find more information on upcoming events and resources at



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