IDEA Announces Manufacturer Quality Achievements in Data Certification Program

IDEA Announces Manufacturer Quality Achievements in Data Certification Program

ARLINGTON, Va. — The Industry Data Exchange Association, Inc. (IDEA) announces Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) manufacturer quality achievements within IDEA’s Data Certification Program. More than fifty manufacturer accounts have attained programmatic quality (“excellence”) for at least 95% of their items in the IDW.

IDEA’s Data Certification Program uses different metrics to assess the completeness and quality of manufacturer-provided pricing and descriptive product information within 43 different data fields in the IDW. These fields contain the type of content that is used to drive distributors’ internal and external-facing systems, and that distributors have identified as critical to accurately selling manufacturers’ products.

“The supply chain relies on comprehensive, consistent, and current data to operate effectively,” said Paul Molitor, President and CEO, IDEA. “Top manufacturers – like these we are recognizing today – understand the important role such information plays in the electrical channel, and I’m thrilled to see our manufacturers improving the digital content they’re providing to their trading partners through the IDW while continuing to work toward full data certification.”

The Data Certification Program began with the primary goal of driving manufacturers to load content in all 43 of the critical fields for each of their products in the IDW. After a substantial increase in the number of products with 43 completed data fields – from 16,000 to nearly two and a half million – the Data Certification Program expanded its focus to improving the quality of that information. IDEA has been evaluating the quality of the information for each individual product using programmatic excellence measures based on industry standards and best practices. The manufacturers listed below are recognized for meeting these measures and providing complete, quality data in all 43 critical fields for at least 95% of their products in the IDW.

Along with those listed above, additional IDW manufacturers that have not yet fully attained programmatic quality (“excellence”) for at least 95% of their items in the IDW continue to make substantial and comprehensive progress across the majority of these fields. To highlight these improvements, IDEA has recently introduced field-level reports – in addition to the existing item-level reports – that allow distributors to view the percentage of a manufacturer’s items within each individual data field that have passed the Data Certification Program’s evaluations. These reports are available within the IDW and offer a deeper look at the completeness and quality of the manufacturer-supplied product content accessible through the IDW.


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