IDEAL Industries, Inc. Celebrates 100 Years

SYCAMORE, Ill.—IDEAL Networks ( celebrates the 100th birthday of its parent company IDEAL INDUSTRIES INC., a company that has been designing tools for millions of professional tradesmen since 1916.

“Innovation and quality have been central to everything IDEAL INDUSTRIES has done over the past century. At this important milestone, IDEAL Networks celebrates our shared commitment to offer a range of unique, effective products backed by outstanding customer service,” said Tim Widdershoven, Global Marketing Manager for IDEAL Networks.

One hundred years ago, founder J. Walter Becker launched the IDEAL Commutator Dresser Company from his mother’s kitchen with the belief that every product should be worth more than its price. Service, he said, is part of every IDEAL product. Since then, IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. has grown into one of the world’s leading authorities on electrical installation and testing.

Over the past three decades of business IDEAL INDUSTRIES has acquired several network companies starting in 1993 with Shattuck Industries, creating its internal Datacomm division known as IDEAL Networks. In June 2001 IDEAL acquired the LAN tester division of Wavetek, and in March 2004, IDEAL acquired Trend Communications, a supplier of telephone test and measurement tools for the global communications market, positioning IDEAL INDUSTRIES as a worldwide presence in the network testing marketplace. Today IDEAL Networks supplies state-of-the-art data cable testers, network testers and telecom/enterprise testers that are recognized for their innovation, value and quality.

Over the years IDEAL Networks has achieved many industry firsts, such as the launch the first hand-held Cat 5 cable certifier (LANTech 100) in 1993. Since then IDEAL has released the first tester for Class F/FA, the first dedicated tester for Cat 6A cabling, the first tester to include a tone generator and colour screen, and the first tester to have an autotest button on the remote to save time.

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