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Leadership Profile: Cody Smith

Cody Smith
Sales Specialist
Jacksonville Winlectric
Jacksonville, Fla.

Cody began his career at Winlectric in December 2019 and currently works as a sales specialist. He also has more than a decade of experience as a personal trainer and first became a manager at age 19. Here he talks about some of his thoughts on, and approaches to, leadership.

1. How would you describe your leadership style?

I would define my leadership style as a mix between a coach style and a democratic leadership style. I get my coaching style leadership from my 10-plus years as a personal trainer. I love to drive individuals to seek out their skills and strengths to complete a common goal. I also strive to cross-train. Just like having a second string in sports, it’s important to be trained in multiple skills in the workforce so that you can take on the responsibilities of another employee when necessary. The democratic style is also effective in my line of work. Soliciting the input of others allows them to feel like they are on the same playing field as you. It makes them feel like they have a say-so—a level of importance. I believe that we as leaders can unlock or spark new ideas just by hearing what our employees have to say.

2. What is your favorite part about leading others?

My favorite part about leading others is helping them grow, not only career-wise, but also as individuals. I absolutely enjoy seeing employees hit their personal goal—whether it’s a raise or a promotion or something they would like to accomplish in their personal life. Being a leader that can help an employee accomplish a work or personal goal—that is what wakes me up in the morning.

3. How does your company encourage leadership education/training?

Here at Jacksonville Winlectric, there is no limit on the continued education or training that is offered here. Continued education courses are offered 24/7 online—and we are rewarded monetarily for growing our knowledge. The company also conducts meetings at different venues around the United States, where the company pays for you to go to these vendor/corporate lead get-togethers to learn even more about not only how the company is continuing to grow in a positive manner, but also learn hands-on about the products we sell and how to make recommendations to our customers to better help them and their business. The company also encourages leadership training is through its Management Development Training Program, an aggressive four-month-long program that take a successful hungry employee and turn him/her into a store president.

4. What is your next goal (career-wise) and when do you hope to reach it?

My next goal is to be a company president for Winsupply. With my entrepreneurship mindset and with the continued education this company offers I know I will be able to run a branch successfully. I hope to reach this goal within the next five years. I understand patience is a virtue and I still am eager to learn a lot more about the growth of a Winsupply business and how to maximize on profits.


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