Littelfuse Launches Arc-Flash Knowledge Portal

Littelfuse Launches Arc-Flash Knowledge Portal

CHICAGO — Littelfuse, Inc. introduces a new arc-flash knowledge center ( for engineers, electricians, maintenance workers, and others creating a safer electrical environment. The resources portal helps workers protect critical infrastructure by providing arc-flash information on causes, mitigation, and incident energy calculations as well as white papers, videos, and case studies.

“This new knowledge center is designed to inform workers about arc-flash dangers and how they can improve protection,” said Debra Jayson, Littelfuse Industrial Business Marketing Manager. “According to OSHA, industrial arc-flash events cause about 80% of electrically-related incidents and fatalities among qualified electrical workers and Littelfuse is focused on providing education to increase workplace safety.”

The Littelfuse arc-flash knowledge center includes:

  • What is an Arc-flash and how to Prevent it
  • An Arc-flash Incident Energy Calculator
  • How Arc-flash Relays Work
  • How to Select an Arc-flash Relay
  • How to Obtain an Arc-flash Study
  • Case Studies
  • Application Guides
  • Videos
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Product Datasheets and more…

To learn more about arc-flash and arc-flash protection visit For more information on industrial products, visit the Littelfuse website at or call the technical support line at 1-800-832-3873.

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