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How to Effectively Engage Millennial Workers

Posted on 4/4/2016
A generational expert gives distributors her best tips for engaging and retaining the millennial generation.

Millennials to Their Bosses: You’re Doing it Wrong

Posted on 4/7/2016
We look at how we need to manage millennials. Now they tell us how they want to manage their co-workers.

5 Great Ways to Motivate and Engage Younger Workers

Posted on 4/12/2016
How you can do a better job of motivating millennial employees in today’s tight labor market.

Bucking the Employee ‘Disloyalty’ Trend

Posted on 4/14/2016
What can you do to keep your best employees onboard, engaged, and loyal for the long haul?

6 Ways to Keep Your Millennial Employees from Jumping Ship

Posted on 4/15/2016
Nearly half of millennials would leave within 2 years, given the chance. How will you keep them from jumping ship?



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