Motors and Controls Corporation Joins IDEA Connector Platform

Motors and Controls Corporation Joins IDEA Connector Platform

ARLINGTON, Vir. — IDEA has announced that Motors and Controls Corporation (MCC) is joining the IDEA Connector Platform.

MCC is dedicated to making business easier for its customers by providing the most accurate and timely product data and minimizing order errors and returns. The company’s customers will have 24/7 access to the product information they need to purchase products, and information will be validated against industry standards.

“Motors and Controls Corporation is excited to join the group of amazing manufacturers and distributors already working with IDEA. This partnership will improve our customers’ and our employees’ productivity. Providing dependable information within our ERP and on our eCommerce platform will allow our customers to access it on their time. We are dedicated to making everyone more productive.” —Jesse Bares, COO at MCC

With IDEA Connector, distributors can access all available product content from manufacturers in a variety of formats. In addition to delivering a user-friendly interface to maintain product information, users have access to a graphical mapping tool to generate any required product and pricing extracts.

“Motors and Controls Corporation is making it easier for their customers to have positive experiences through detailed product information,” said Brenda Maxwell, Director of Global Product Management at IDEA. “As an industry, quality digital product information helps the channel become more competitive and better serve customers.”

The IDEA Connector platform holds more than 2.9 million SKUs, 250 million product attributes, and 500+ fields for digital initiatives, including technical drawings, multiple images (3D, thumbnails, etc.), warranty information, videos, IMAP pricing, certifications (UL, Prop 65, etc.), and multilingual content (Spanish, French, etc.).

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