NAED Award Winners Recognized in tED Magazine

NAED Award Winners Recognized in tED Magazine

We realize times are incredibly different for all of you right now.

One of the big changes is many of you are working from home. Meanwhile, your April issue of tED magazine is at your office.

All of the NAED Award winners, from Larry Stern of Standard Electric Supply as the Arthur W. Hooper Award winner, to David Maxwell of Graybar as the Distributor Distinguished Service Award winner, Don Wirtanen is honored following his death with the Associate Service Award, and Marty Burbridge, who received the Lifetime Achievement Award for his 41 years at Crescent Electric Supply are in the April issue.

Plus, we have the first part of the “Customer Journey Map” that the NAED Manufacturer’s Council spent nearly a year putting together. A Special Report on the future of lighting. And, even some economic concerns about COVID-19 before the outbreak reached the United States.

We packaged that with this year’s Lighting Line-Up, and our exclusive tED magazine survey on lighting trends for 2020. The Lighting Line-Up also has the latest products from Acuity Brands Lighting, Dialight, EiKO Global, Green Creative, Halco Lighting Technologies, Keystone Technologies, Kichler Lighting, LEDVANCE, MaxLite, NICOR, Nora Lighting, SLG Lighting, Topaz, and Universal Lighting Technologies.

And that is in your office. You are working from home.

But that’s why we have a digital edition of tED magazine. It’s actually there for you every month. Just click here and you can see it on your phone, tablet, or desktop.¬†One of the great attributes of the tED magazine digital edition is when you see a website or e-mail in a story, you can click on it, and the link will take you to that destination.

Any time you want, you can always go to tedmag.com, and scroll all the way to the bottom of the website, where you will see “Current Issue”. When you click on it, you will find that month’s issue of tED magazine. On that page, in the top left hand corner, you will see a button that says “Issue Library”. Click on that, and you can find every issue of tED magazine from February, 2013 until today.

We don’t want you to miss important news that we learn for you each month in tED magazine. And we definitely want you take a moment to read about the people who earned the most prestigious NAED awards this year. Make sure you don’t miss a month of coverage of our industry from tED magazine.

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