NAED Electrical Heroes Week

NAED Electrical Heroes Week

With so many people working from home since the coronavirus outbreak began in the United States, it can’t be easy for the portion of your staff that still must come into the facility each day. That is why this week NAED has chosen to honor those men and women that are continuing to keep our industry moving and supporting the greater country with the necessary electrical supplies.

Join us this week, April 19-25, as we recognize your staff during Electrical Heroes week! Several weeks ago, we began asking for photos of your staff, and wow! — did you answer the call! We received over 200 amazing photos of warehouse workers, delivery drivers, and office staff, all proudly sharing their efforts. We sincerely thank you for sending them to us! We have created a web page where we have attempted to share as many as possible. Visit it directly by going to Electrical Heroes.

We are also going to be sharing these photos on our social media channels all week under the hashtag #electricalhero. If you have any more photos, share them on your channels and tag NAED. If you have any stories to go with these photos, share those as well. Let’s fill our channels with these great people!

Throughout the week, we will have more things to share to help us honor them, so stay tuned! And most importantly, please thank them for us (from a safe and social distance for now).

Remember to visit the page Electrical Heroes and use the hashtag #electricalhero

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