NAED Issue Alert: Small Businesses Need Certainty

According to Ed Orlet, NAED’s Vice President of Government Affairs, “This is a good bill for our members. It passed the House today (2/13) and now goes to the Senate. Obama is threatening to veto it if it passes Senate.” He will let us know when it moves.

Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke on the floor on February 13th in favor of H.R. 636, America’s Small Business Tax Relief Act.

Excerpts of McCarthy’s remarks are below. Watch online here.

“Well, I thank the gentleman for yielding.

“And Mr. Speaker, I want to thank more than just the gentleman for yielding, I want to thank him for his work as Chairman on Ways and Means, knowing where they’re going. We have to reform the tax code if we’re going to grow this economy. And our chairman that we have today, that’s been his life’s work.

“There is no one better poised and in a better position of understanding to finally get this done, and I’m excited about what the future brings.

We don’t want to have uncertainty for small businesses so we’re taking up an issue much earlier—so you can plan for the future, so you can make that higher end growth.

“Now why do I care so much about this? Many of you don’t know, but I started my first business when I was 19.

“I got a little luck of winning the lottery, I was saving my money in summer, I took my money out of the stock market and took a big risk, and took time out of college. It’s not easy opening a small business.

“I even built the counter of my business in my dad’s garage, trying to save money. The values I learned in that small business are the same values that every small business owner in America learns.

“You’re the first one to work, you’re the last one to leave, and you’re the last one to be paid.

“And the last thing a small business needs is uncertainty from their government, changes in the tax code, or even whether it’s going to go forward. So today is the day not to debate, but today is the day to invest in America’s small business. And as I’ve said a few times on this floor, these are things that should unite us, not divide us.

“Mr. Speaker, the Administration’s veto threat, on the President’s reasons why: First, he said the House didn’t pass a bill last Congress that he wanted. And second, he said Congress might pass bills in the future that he doesn’t like.

“How does that create any jobs in America?

“Mr. Speaker, that sounds more like a school yard argument than a debate on the floor of the House.

“I think it’s time that people grow up, understand where jobs are created, understand what uncertainty does across America, not just in my district, but in every district that is represented here today.

“So as someone who as a former small business owner, knows the challenges, knows what you have to do to hire someone, I ask that we look to a new American Congress and put people before politics, and pass this bill, so we can grow America’s economy.

“I yield back.”

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