NAED Launches “Leveraging Data” Course

NAED Launches “Leveraging Data” Course

As NAED builds its benchmarking offerings, including the PAR report, it is now providing members with an online course to help understand the data and use it for strategy.

Starting on Friday, May 13, NAED is now making the new “Leveraging Data” course available to members.

This course teaches the key data analytics tools that a distributor can utilize to be successful in today’s marketplace, to drive a data driven culture in their organization, and to help identify areas for improvement in profitability and sales efficiency. The course provides techniques to perform analysis on the four main areas of business:

  • Sales Revenues
  • Cost of Goods Sold
  • Gross Margins
  • Operating Expenses

It also teaches different ways to categorize customers by their buying behaviors and how to use these categories to develop data driven engagement strategies –defensive, reactive, and proactive—to each customer. Finally, it addresses how to effectively communicate data analytics to stakeholders, how to implement data analytics insights, actions, and strategies, and how to build a data driven culture within your organization. As we move toward becoming a “Connected Business for the Future”, the Leveraging Data Course will help with your journey.

This course is appropriate for any distributor personnel involved in financial reporting or data analytics. The data strategies and insights covered will also be relevant for those in management roles.

To learn more and enroll in the course, you can click here.

If you have question about NAED’s education opportunities, you can e-mail the NAED Member Engagement Team at memberengagement@naed.org.

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