NAED: Same Products, New Look

To bring you NAED’s offerings under one brand, the association has changed the look of its education and talent development products, events, and Industry Intelligence and Benchmarking products. Rest assured, those products and services will at the same high quality the association has provided for nearly 115 years.

As we move into the future, the look will move into the future with all of us.

The association is growing with “Building A Connected Business For The Future”.  The brand is designed to “Build A Connected Business” through data and strategy, while also focusing on a “Connected Business” through meetings and networking. It also means the association will continue to create and expand products, services, and events “For The Future”.


The Electrical Products Education Course (EPEC) has trained more than 11,000 graduates on the cornerstone of sales and product training in distribution. In addition to EPEC Bronze, Silver, and Gold, EPEC also provides EPEC Automation, EPEC Datacom & Video, and EPEC Lighting. When it comes to “Building A Connected Business For The Future”, EPEC has helped companies for more than 30 years.


Like EPEC, the NAED Certified Electrical Professional (CEP) Program is not only hard work, it’s important that your customers see you now have both product knowledge and sales skills. This makes you a great partner for customers, helping them solve almost any challenge they might face. CPE will help your sales staff “Connect” the products you sell with the right projects. When you complete both EPEC and CEP make sure you receive your dual digital badge. Now, both the EPEC and CEP logos look similar so you can remember they can be used together.


The NAED Leadership Development Program is a twelve-month curriculum specifically designed for developing leaders in the electrical distribution industry. The program, created in response to key challenges NAED members have identified, will help current and future leaders face issues such as changes in the industry, new technology, and strengthening the customer experience. When you are thinking about “The Future”, the NAED Leadership Development program will provide the path your succession plan needs.


The NAED Economic and Industry Sector Outlook is the only economic forecast made specifically for electrical distributors and manufacturers. The information inside will help you strategize your “Business For The Future” with an exclusive NAED Construction Index and detailed analysis on 8 essential industry sectors. Thanks to a sponsorship by Hubbell and Schneider Electric, the Economic and Industry Sector Outlook will remain free for all NAED distributor companies.

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