Re-Imagining Relationships Webinar Set For Today

After groundbreaking research revealed 91% of NAED companies want to re-imagine their supply chain partnerships, Dirk Beveridge launched a second project aimed at creating a working “lab” to bring distributors, manufacturers, and manufacturer’s rep agencies together to examine relationships.

For the first time, NAED is hosting two webinars to discuss the findings from those lab sessions. They are available for free to NAED member companies and all of their employees.  The first part is Thursday, April 5 at 2 p.m. central time; the second part is Thursday, May 3, also at 2 p.m. central time.

The initial research included a survey of 246 NAED companies—102 distributors and 144 manufacturers—to find out if their partnerships were strong enough to withstand the outside forces that are impacting business. Beveridge, the founder of UnLeashWD, created nine questions that all companies need to ask to make sure their partnerships remain strong. Trust came out as a key factor in those questions, along with the agreement that all parties would focus on putting the customer first, not each other.

Out of that research came the lab work, where a number of companies agreed to meet together with Dirk to discuss relationship strategies and promote a long-term model for a successful partnership. They also discussed the pain points each company faced during the partnership, and then began the journey to change their partnership relationship and the way they do business, while acting with trust and a focus on the end customer.

The webinar will take you through the findings, best practices that you can use right now, and give you some insight into how all sides of the partnership were able to work better together. This research was sponsored by the NAED Foundation’s CAP Council.

You can register for the webinars here.


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