NAED To Keep Members Busy This Fall

NAED To Keep Members Busy This Fall

The kids are back in school. Pre-season football has started, and the college football season is just days away. Pretty soon those 90-degree days will turn into 60-degree days.

And while that is happening, NAED will begin another busy fall season of events for you.

It starts with the Sales Team Development Workshop, scheduled for September 22–23 just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Dr. Jeffrey Magee, one of the top leadership and marketing strategists in the country, will be the facilitator. The workshop is not for entry-level sales people, but instead for experienced sales leaders who know how to sell but need to see their careers go from average to exceptional. 

Dr. Magee is a sales expert who started his own business at age 15 and by age 24 was named top salesman in the country by Forbes Magazine. He regularly uses his Twitter page (@drjeffspeaks) to simplify his sales training methods in 140 characters or less. He posts comments like:

 “100% of 100% — 100% of sustained success is about innovation and adaptation.  Imitation is the path of the disingenuous 100% of the time.”

“If your head is not in the game, it’s hard to be in the game, yet many want the victories from the game!”

There is still time to sign up for the Sales Team Development Workshop. Head over to and click on the “Events” tab to find the registration under “Bootcamps and Workshops” (or click here).

Later that month, NAED is building on its past meetings related to employee training to bring you the “Learning Center User Group Workshop.” It will be held September 30–October 1 at The Hotel Monaco in Baltimore. This is your chance to find out the best available training products for your employees. Topics at this workshop include how to manage your company’s learning programs, new training programs now being offered by NAED, how to create your own courses, and tips for talent recruitment and retention.

NAED is also offering two Branch Management Bootcamps. The first is October 21–22 at GE Lighting in Cleveland, Ohio. Branch Managers will work on two areas, “Leading Your People” and “Managing Your Business“. The workshops at the event will include developing leadership skills, coaching employees toward success, performance reviews and an all-day session called “Business Reality 101” where attendees will learn about increasing the cash flow cycle, improving delivery efficiency and supplier relationships.

The second NAED Branch Management Bootcamp will focus on “Warehouse Operations Management” and will be held at the Panduit location in Tinley Park, Il (just south of Chicago) on November 3–4. The event will be led by Jason Bader of The Distribution Team. Bader will cover topics including “Profitable Inventory Management,” “Driving Customer Profitability,” “The Role of Technology,” and “Leading the Team.” Again, there is still time for you to sign up at

And don’t forget, we are just a couple of weeks away from the opening registration for the Eastern Region Conference in Orlando, FL on November 9–11. Make sure you keep an eye out for registration details in the coming days.

It’s hard to believe summer is nearly over. But there are some great events coming up from NAED that will help you prepare for the rest of 2015 and beyond.


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