National Specialty Lighting Announces New Rep Agencies

National Specialty Lighting Announces New Rep Agencies

TONAWANDA, N.Y. — National Specialty Lighting (NSL) has announced new sales agencies in Southern California, Indiana, Oregon, and Idaho.

The Southern California Lighting Agency (SCLA) will start representing NSL effective June 1st. 2016. The company’s Oregon and Idaho markets will be represented with new sales agent Cascade Lighting Representatives (CLR) effective July 12, 2016. And ESL-Spectrum will represent NSL’s market in Indiana effective July 12, 2016.

These new appointments “allow us to focus on the specific needs of our [Southern California, Oregon, Idaho, and] Indiana customers,” stated Jeff Harris, VP of Business Development at NSL. These companies provide “us with experienced and professional sales forces that support our expanding product portfolio and investment in the US market.”



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