NEMA Appoints Vice Chair of Luminaire Section

NEMA Appoints Vice Chair of Luminaire Section

GREENVILLE, S.C. —  Hubbell Lighting announced that Rebecca McCall has been appointed Vice Chair of the Luminaire Section of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association’s (“NEMA”) Lighting Systems Division.

Per NEMA, “the Lighting Systems Division provides the organizational framework for manufacturers of lighting equipment to work together on projects that impact their industry and their businesses. One of the major outcomes of this cooperative effort is the establishment of technical standards and codes. Related issues, such as product compatibility, conformity assessment and safety, are also addressed. Legislative and regulatory matters also are dealt with on an industry-wide basis. The collective industry voice through NEMA speaks with more authority than any one company could. Collecting and disseminating statistical information is a third industry-wide project which provides new tools and resources for member companies.”

Division representatives also participate in a regular Forum with UL, in IEC technical work, and work with CSA and CANENA and others.

McCall serves as Director, Education & Training for Hubbell Lighting’s Learning Solutions Center (“LSC.”)


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