NEMMY Power Pact Awards Presented at NEMRA20

Nemmy Award

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — At its 2020 NEMRA Annual Conference, four member firms were honored with NEMRA’s coveted NEMMY Power Pact Award.

“Power Pact helps reps and their manufacturers work together in the areas of Sales Enablement, Contracts and Compensation and C-suite engagement,” said Jim Johnson, President of NEMRA. “The Third Annual NEMMY Awards recognized those rep firms and manufacturers for the marketing partnerships and innovative operating strategies that best exemplified NEMRA’s Power Pact program.”

  • The Power Pact Partnership of the Year NEMMY was jointly awarded to Will Hawkins, President of Hawkins Sales, Brooklyn Heights, Ohio and Bill Cheetham, Vice President of Electrical Distribution Sales at Leviton.
  • The Manufacturer’s Choice NEMMY was awarded to Larry Benner, Principal, Rouzer Group, Minneapolis, MN.
  • The Rep’s Choice NEMMY was awarded to Chris Buelow, VP of Sales & Marketing, Milbank, Kansas City, Miss.

“It was an honor for NEMRA to recognize these industry leaders who have embraced the Power of the Pact and are dedicated to developing more powerful and profitable businesses,” said Johnson.

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