One: Power Together Focuses On NAED Members

One: Power Together Focuses On NAED Members

A new program made exclusively for all employees of NAED-member companies aims to help every person power through the pandemic and continue to grow in 2021.

Called One: Power Together, UnleashWD Founder Dirk Beveridge created the program in an effort to turn the page on 2020 and focus on yourself for a “remarkable 2021”. As the program describes it, “The last ten months have been that perfect storm of obstacles.  The never-ending pandemic, a divisive election, social unrest, shattered family and work routines, a 24/7 news cycle, unrelenting health concerns, and more. To say it’s been frustrating, tough, and challenging is an understatement.  Each day has been its own challenge.  We’ve been worn-out.  Burnt out.  Emotionally and physically stressed.  At times even feeling a shell of ourselves. On an island alone. Let’s turn the page together.”

The program will focus on three things:

  • Overall Wellness
  • Personal Development
  • Career and Job Performance

The 12-week program will include weekly power huddles, kits designed to guide you in your positivity, optimism, and focus, networking, and daily power prompts. It is designed to create an opportunity for you to become resilient, stronger, focused, engaged, energized and optimistic, especially as the pandemic’s impact continues through the first quarter of the year.

Just like the pandemic did not selectively impact only specific job descriptions, One: Power Together is available for any employee, whether they are in accounts receivable, the warehouse, sales, management, or marketing. Since One: Power Together is an online program, it is available for those employees who continue to work from home.

Dirk Beveridge will be explaining more about the program, and taking your questions, during a live webinar scheduled for Thursday, February 4 at 1PM Central time. Melissa Lunak, the Chief Human Resources Officer for Dakota Supply Group will also be a part of the webinar to help guide attendees through the 3-month course. You can register for the webinar by clicking here.

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