Panasonic Announces New European CEO

Panasonic Announces New European CEO, Junichi Suzuki (Photo: Business Wire)

LONDON — Panasonic Europe B.V. has announced the retirement of Laurent Abadie on March 31st 2019 and the appointment of his successor, Junichi Suzuki to take place on 1st April 2019.

Suzuki will become Chairman & CEO, Panasonic Europe Ltd. while also inheriting from Laurent Abadie the responsibility as COO, Panasonic Holding (Netherlands) B.V. and as Regional Head for Europe & CIS as well as becoming Managing Director, Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH.

While in general Europe is in a drastic change phase, the objectives for the 56-year old Junichi Suzuki are clear: “We see two important trends emerging: the need for a carbon-free society and an ever-increasing aging society. I’ve been living nearly 30 years in Europe and I believe that Europe is already leading the world on both. Panasonic’s over-arching mission has always been to contribute to society and I look forward to working with my colleagues in Europe to meet the requirements of these trends to do so.

Suzuki continued, “My personal mission is to ensure that Panasonic is the leading technology and solutions provider in Europe in these areas, with a particular focus on our heating and cooling solutions, Automotive, and on “Future Lifestyles in the home”. Our efforts in the coming years will therefore focus on further developing local R&D activities and strengthening the organisation to continuously understand and predict the future.”

Building the bridge – Understanding Europe the best

Suzuki, currently Managing Director of Panasonic Russia Ltd as well as Panasonic Marketing CIS, will take the role as CEO of Panasonic Europe and as regional head for Europe & CIS including all other above named responsibilities from 1st April 2019.

Suzuki has worked in Europe and the CIS region for nearly three decades, where his first role in 1990 was within the Belgium sales company. Since then, he has gained experience in many sales and marketing companies spanning both B2C and B2B markets, including being the Director of Planning at Panasonic Europe.

“I have spent over half my life in Europe, my children have grown up here, and I want to thank Europe for the fantastic experience and support I’ve received so far,” Suzuki continues. “I will now be in a role where I can fully repay my thanks to employees, partners and customers – to all those who have supported me in my business life so far. As a Japanese native and a long-standing European resident, I believe I am the perfect bridge for our business between Japan and Europe to achieve future strong success.”

Laurent Abadie to retire after 15 years with Panasonic

Abadie joined Panasonic on 1st March 2004 as Deputy Managing Director of Panasonic France. Panasonic has appreciated his great global business leadership since he became Executive Officer of Panasonic Corporation in April 2008.

Over the past decade as the Regional Head for Europe, Abadie has been shaping the strategic direction of Panasonic in Europe while delivering an innovative approach to Europe’s commercial challenges.

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