RepFiles Web Access Now Available

NORCROSS, Ga. — RepFiles Web Access (RWA) is now available for RepFiles users to access content using an internet browser. This tool gives sales reps, distributors, and company employees the ability to access sales and marketing materials delivered through RepFiles on any device.

The RepFiles system consolidates collateral managed by different manufacturers into a single location so it is easily accessible anytime, anywhere. Inside RWA, users can view and download files, upload content to their own MyFiles plugin and view messages sent from companies regarding content updates.

To start accessing manufacturers’ content for free, sales reps and distributors can simply register for a RepFiles account, sign in to RWA, then request access to their manufacturers’ files. Additional getting started instructions are available here.

The RepFiles NEMRA, NAED, Lighting and Generic editions are all accessible through RWA. In addition to accessing content through the web, RepFiles apps are also available for download in the Apple App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store.

Manufacturers interested in delivering content through RepFiles can contact Discounted subscriptions are available for NEMRA and/or NAED manufacturer members.

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