Rexel Commits to Economic and Social Development in France

The Rexel Group has decided to respond with a series of actions to the economic and social refoundation called for by France’s President of the Republic.

Three of these actions relate to the employability of workers in France with the implementation of 250 contracts per year combining studies and work, a plan for each Rexel branch to host a high-school student for a discovery internship and participation in the implementation of work-based diplomas.

The other three measures focus on supporting purchasing power and the energy transition with a bonus of 400 euros for all employees in France, overtime hours free of taxes and offering technical solutions to promote the government plan to replace fuel-based boilers. The bonus will be paid in December 2018 and will be exempt from social and labor charges for employees whose income is less than 3 times the minimum wage (SMIC).

Patrick Berard, CEO of the Rexel Group, declared, “Rexel wishes to fully participate in the President’s campaign for social cohesion, and I am particularly proud that our company can offer all our workers in France the opportunity to contribute to this societal overhaul and to be part of a future based on commitment and optimism.”

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