Service Wire President Recognized With Distinguished Career Award

Louis Weisberg

CULLODEN, W.Va. – Louis Weisberg, President of Service Wire Co., was recognized as a 2019 Distinguished Career Award recipient by the Wire & Cable Manufacturers Alliance (WCMA).

Louis and Liz Weisberg

“This award wouldn’t be possible without my winners,” said Weisberg. “The real winners are working in our Phoenix, Houston, and Culloden manufacturing and distribution facilities. The real winners are our large number of 15-, 20-, and 30-year coworkers working on our first, second, and third shifts. I am pleased to share this award with them.”

Nominated and selected by his peers, Weisberg is recognized for embracing Service Wire’s founding cornerstones through his commitments to safety at home and in the workplace, industry-leading quality, and service. He has also developed three additional areas of commitment for the company:

  • Continuous Investment – making capital expenditures a priority
  • Technology – utilizing innovative tools to streamline processes and improve efficiency
  • Passion for the Industry – offering a comprehensive benefits package and effective training programs to drive long-term employment
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