Siemens Opens Wind Service Training Center

By Jack Keough

Siemens Energy has opened its new, state-of-the-art wind service training center in Orlando, Florida. The center provides highly advanced technical and safety training for installation and service technicians working at wind energy projects located throughout the Americas region.


“Our investment in this new training facility underscores our strong commitment to supporting the long-term continued growth of the wind industry in the Americas region,” said Randy Zwirn, president and CEO of Siemens Energy, Inc. and CEO of the Energy Service Division. “As renewable energy continues to grow as part of the world’s energy mix, our customers depend on us for highly skilled technicians who are committed to helping insure the long-term reliability of their assets.”


The new $7 million facility is a milestone for Siemens. As more wind energy projects come online in the U.S. and across the region, highly skilled technicians will be needed to provide the long-term service and maintenance required to help insure the turbines operate at peak production, availability and reliability levels, the company said.


The new Orlando training center contributes to that long-term need, providing trainees with the industry’s highest level of safety training and equipping them with the advanced technical skills needed to service and maintain wind turbines. Built based on LEED Gold green-building standards, the 40,000 square-foot building is located closes to the global headquarters of Siemens’ Energy Service Division and features the latest wind technologies that are used in the hands-on safety and technical training.


Two full size nacelles, three 30-foot high climbing towers, ladder structures, electrical and hydraulic modules and a service crane station are located within the center.


The Orlando wind training center is one of four Siemens wind service training facilities globally, joining Brande, Denmark; Bremen, Germany; and Newcastle in the United Kingdom. All four training centers are certified by the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) as offering the industry’s highest level of safety training.

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