Siemens Provides Clemson with Largest In-Kind Technology Grant in University History

CLEMSON, S.C. — Clemson University has received the largest grant-in-kind in its history from Siemens, a global technology company, with software the company has provided at a commercial value of $357,224,294.

The software will be incorporated into student coursework and projects related to computer-aided-design, engineering simulation, industrial design, digital manufacturing and manufacturing management in Clemson’s College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences. By providing students with hands-on experience with this software in academic programs, Clemson is preparing a highly-skilled STEM workforce for the advanced manufacturing industry.

Through the in-kind investment, Clemson students now will have access to the same Siemens product lifecycle management (PLM) software used by more than 140,000 companies throughout the global manufacturing industry – including 35 in South Carolina – to design, develop and manufacture some of the world’s most sophisticated products in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical devices, machinery, shipbuilding and high-tech electronics.

This academic partnership will help students compete for jobs throughout the world, and aid in building a workforce equipped with the skills needed for the high-tech jobs of tomorrow.

“Preparing students to be highly competitive in the 21st century global economy is a central part of Clemson’s mission, and this new partnership with Siemens will provide our students with access to cutting-edge technical tools that can make them even more attractive to future employers – especially many of the world-class, advanced manufacturing companies operating in South Carolina,” said Clemson President James P. Clements. “We are extremely grateful to Siemens, a global technology leader, for this substantial, student-focused grant and look forward to building on our innovative partnership in the future.”

The software will help students realize their ideas by providing accurate information as the product moves from design to prototype through a streamlined manufacturing process that provides instant feedback and allows product developers to make adjustments.

“As an alumnus of Clemson University, I am proud that Siemens is providing students with access to this software, positioning the university at the forefront of innovation and technology,” said Kevin Yates, head of Siemens Energy Management Division. “This partnership is rooted in a shared commitment to innovation and collaboration, and will allow Clemson – and South Carolina – to build a pipeline of skilled talent for the state’s growing manufacturing industry.”

Clemson’s dedication to technology and innovation makes the university an ideal recipient for the in-kind software grant. With the university’s vision to create a high-tech collaborative environment through the Watt Family Innovation Center, Clemson shares Siemens’ commitment to fostering innovation, advancing technology, and developing the next-generation workforce.

“We are honored to empower the next generation of digital talent at Clemson University through the largest in-kind grant in the university’s history,” said Eric Spiegel, president & CEO of Siemens USA. “By giving students access to this software, we are preparing for the fourth industrial revolution with invaluable real-world experience and equipping them with the skills needed to succeed in the software-driven advanced manufacturing industry.”


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