Sonepar Releases 2021 Sustainability Report

Sonepar Releases 2021 Sustainability Report

Sonepar has launched “10 easy to follow Sustainable Commitments” in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint while also preparing for future energy transition challenges by promoting energy efficient products and raising awareness on sustainability. It has also announced the creation of the Sonepar Energy Transition Academy.

The program, which is part of Sonepar’s 2021 Sustainability Report, will focus on three initial priorities:

  1. Creating a generation of ‘clean first’ advocates through education, collaboration and partnerships.
  2. Getting our own house in order by radically cutting down our own emissions and waste.
  3. Creating a ‘Sonepar Sustainable offer’ that prioritizes sustainable solutions and services, and where Sonepar operations are the default locations for delivering energy efficient and renewable solutions as well as services such as recycling, repairing, trainings and energy management.

Sonepar also launched an online training course designed to raise awareness for all of its 45,000 associates on climate change and its impacts on our daily lives. When a Sonepar associate successfully completes the online training course, he becomes a member of the Sonepar Energy Transition Academy. The first online training course lasts 30 minutes and is mandatory for all associates.


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