tED Magazine Announces 2018 “30 Under 35”

tED Magazine Announces 2018 “30 Under 35”

tED magazine has named 30 of the best and brightest young members of our supply chain as the 2018 “30 Under 35”.  The winner count brings the total number of “30 Under 35” award winners to 210, as tED magazine has honored 30 people for the past seven years.

This year’s winners will receive their awards at the NAED LEAD Conference in Austin, Texas July 18-20.  Their job descriptions include Engineering, Marketing Specialist, Branch Manager, and eBusiness Specialist.  Registration for you to meet the honorees and attend the education sessions at the LEAD Conference is now open.  You can click here to register.

The NAED LEAD Conference (Leadership Enhancement and Development) helps companies retain top employees by giving them the tools for future success. During the two and a half day event, attendees will develop management skills, talk with other members of our supply chain about best practices, and hear from leadership experts about successful strategies.  This year’s keynote speakers at the NAED LEAD Conference include Aaron Thomas and Ben Newman.

Aaron Thomas is a high school football coach from Iowa.  Before you start to wonder what that has to do with electrical distribution, you should know his story of overcoming adversity and maximizing your opportunities every day.  How he responds to having “good” days and “bad” days will change the way you take on your daily challenges to succeed.

Ben Newman is also a coach, only Ben coaches business performance and will question your mental toughness while asking you to create your “I am” statement.  Ben will teach LEAD attendees how to drive sales success and take your revenue to the next level.

Both speakers will take questions from attendees and offer advice while at the event.

The tED magazine “30 Under 35” for 2018 are:

  • Brianna Addison, Marketing Programs Manager, CapitalTristate
  • Aaron Ard, Senior Director, Engineering, Leviton Manufacturing
  • Jeremy Avery, Branch Manager, NorthEast Electrical Distributors
  • Brian Beaman, Network/System Administrator, Stanion Wholesale Electric
  • Jon Becker, Branch Operations Manager, Border States Electric
  • Richelle Bishoff, Pricing & Sourcing Manager, Border States Electric
  • Kati Broady, Purchasing Manager, Standard Electric Supply
  • Greg Drumheller, Inside Sales Representative, CapitalTristate
  • Ben Fordree, Industrial Account Manager, Border States Electric
  • Jillian Haage, Sales Representative—Distribution, Leviton Manufacturing
  • Kyle Hallowell, Account Manager, Siemens
  • Thaddeus Jackson, Director of Purchasing, Baynes Electric Supply
  • Kory Jacobson, Alliance Inventory Planning Supervisor, Border States Electric
  • Megan Kinkopf, Learning & Development Manager, CapitalTristate
  • Tom Klein Jr., President, Operations and R&D, Klein Tools
  • Tyler Knopp, Account Manager—CISS, Crescent Electric Supply/Stoneway Electric
  • Danielle Larson, Marketing Manager, Electrical Engineering Services & Systems Division, Eaton
  • Josiah Letko, eBusiness Specialist, Viking Electric Supply
  • Mike Madjidi, Director of Sales, Service Wire
  • Wendi Majerus, Business Technology Supervisor, Border States Electric
  • Paul Maurer, Customer Service Supervisor, Border States Electric
  • Rhonda Messing, Branch Manager, Medler Electric
  • Brian Raegen, Account Manager, Siemens
  • Andrea Ramirez-Dvoran, Account Manager, Gexpro Electrical Supply
  • Sean Retting, Project Quotations, Blazer Electric Supply
  • Kristen Scheeler, Regional Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Border States Electric
  • Michael Schinner Jr., Product Manager—Fittings, Killark Electric, Division of Hubbell
  • Jim Stewart, Branch Manager, Stanion Wholesale Electric
  • Mike Szablewski, Director of Warehouse Operations—Wisconsin, Standard Electric Supply
  • Andrew Taddoni, Product Manager, C&I, Leviton Manufacturing
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