tED Magazine Begins Search for 2021 “30 Under 35”

tED Magazine Begins Search for 2021 “30 Under 35”

By Scott Costa, Publisher, tED magazine

Abby Bertsch.

Brock Klein.

Brian Rooney.

Julie Landis.

Max Gabin.

Rhandi Kuchenmeister.

Josh Brown.

Joshua Davis.

Doug Knebelsberger.

Cassie Bruns.

Brianna Addison.

Kayla Repp.

And dozens of others have two things in common.

  1. They are all tED magazine “30 Under 35” award winners
  2. They are all incredibly impressive people who continue to grow with this supply chain and will lead it into a better and brighter future.

We are now taking nominations for the 2021 tED magazine “30 Under 35”, and you can nominate what we call the “Rising Stars of the Electrical Industry” today through April 2. Nominations are only accepted electronically by going to

One of the great things about the “30 Under 35” is I get the chance to see many of them in their growing roles at NAED events and trade shows (hopefully in-person events will happen again soon). This group of current and future leaders share their experiences and best practices every year at the NAED LEAD Conference, which will be held later in 2021. They also have the opportunity to be a part of the NAED Leadership Development Program, which is a twelve-month curriculum specifically designed for developing leaders in the electrical distribution industry. The program is ideal for a manager at any level who needs to refine his or her leadership skills. The program just had its first graduation class last November, with nearly 90% of the participants saying their company is better off because they went through the Leadership Development Program.

The Dale Carnegie Institute created the NAED Leadership Development Program specifically for our members, so this is not a generic course that primarily forces the attendees out of their realities. The program takes into account the incredible changes in electrical distribution over the past decade, and the potential changes between today and 2030. The leaders in your organization are going to have to be able to face these changes head on or risk the survival of your businesses.

Only employees 34 years old and younger are eligible for the tED magazine “30 Under 35” awards, but any current or future leader, regardless of age, can be involved in the NAED Leadership Development Program.

Winners of the tED magazine “30 Under 35” awards will be notified late this spring or early summer, and each winner will be highlighted in the July digital-only edition of tED magazine and periodically on throughout 2021 and 2022. Be on the lookout for the potential start date for the next class in the Leadership Development Program at and at


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