The Good Stuff, Vol. 16

The Good Stuff, Vol. 16

tED magazine recently introduced a column that was created to bring you some positive news in today’s world. It’s called “The Good Stuff”, and today we’re highlighting more of the positive news we’ve received from our members. If you have some “Good Stuff” that you would like to share with tED magazine, find out how below.

In this issue, we look at a City Electric Supply employee who serves his community as a volunteer firefighter while raising his two boys and working full time as an operations manager:

SANFORD, N.C.Having a full-time job as an operations manager for the Sanford City Electric Supply (CES) branch while raising his two boys, Braydan and Clay, requires dedication, and Rob Hall does it with ease. On top of all of this, Hall is a volunteer firefighter.

Hall was first introduced to firefighting at only 19 years old after a tornado hit his small town. The storm destroyed everything in and around his community of Sanford and Lemon Springs. Hall has been a volunteer firefighter at the Lemon Springs station since those horrific events back in 2012.

“I want to help people who can’t get any help,” explained Hall. “I have two boys, so when we go on calls, I think of them. If no one is there to help, who will?  That’s the main thing that goes through my mind, and it’s all the motivation I need to give back, get involved, and try to make a difference.”

It’s the mindset of caring for others that makes Hall the amazing firefighter and employee he is.

“His work ethic is amazing,” said Lemon Springs Fire Chief Gary Ashley, Jr. “This job in itself is the definition of courage, integrity, and honor, and duty to serve. Rob sums up those qualities in a lot of different ways. There have been a lot of times where he’s been on calls with us at two in the morning, and then he gets up to work at City Electric Supply just a few hours later.”

Hall takes this mindset with him, not only when he’s on call for the station, but when he’s working at CES Sanford, also. Hall has been an operations manager at the CES branch in Sanford now for six years.

Hall says it’s the amazing support system everywhere around him that helps him be successful.

“I’ve got lots of family in lots of places – family at the branch, the house, and the fire station. I can call any of them, and they’re there. My kids have uncles everywhere,” Hall said with a laugh.

“He’s a family guy,” said Ashley. “He juggles his family, full-time work, and a volunteer career. But no matter what, he always puts his family first. He takes care of his family, spends time with them, and then makes time for work and the fire department.”

It’s evident that Hall is a family man above everything else. On top of being there for his kids and volunteering at the station, Hall is especially great at helping customers with anything safety-related at his CES store, especially when it comes to fires.

“I can tell customers what they need to be safe from a fire hazard standpoint, and because of my background, they know I know what I’m talking about,” Hall laughed.

Being a dedicated firefighter is hard work, any way you look at it; being an operations manager requires that same level of dedication, but Hall manages to balance it well, all while keeping his family as his top priority.

Supporting his community through volunteer work, keeping his family and two boys as his number one priority, all while being a dedicated employee, is the reason CES prides itself on keeping family and service as core values in the company.

Hall can’t stress enough how grateful he is to have such an amazing support system in everything that he does, from home, work, and the fire station.

People like Hall are the kinds of superheroes who deserve recognition, even if they don’t ask for it.


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