The Good Stuff, Vol. 24

The Good Stuff, Vol. 24

tED magazine recently introduced a column that was created to bring you some positive news in today’s world. It’s called “The Good Stuff”, and today we’re highlighting more of the positive news we’ve received from our members. If you have some “Good Stuff” that you would like to share with tED magazine, find out how below.

In this issue, we look at Dakota Supply Group.

We worked with Together We Rise to source the bikes. We ordered 100 bikes total – (50) 20” bikes and (50) 26” bikes. They sent us everything we needed, from the bikes, to the tools, to the helmets. They also helped connect us with a local foster agency so that the bikes we built would stay local. We realized as we were loading the bikes into the tailer that the foster agency we were paired with was minutes away from our Plymouth, MN location, so that was a really special surprise! We structured our bike build as a team building activity, so each team had to work together to build their bikes. When all was said and done, the feedback we received was that this was one of the best team building events we have ever done. In all, we recorded nearly 300 hours of volunteer time.

In addition to building relationships, the give back element really touched a lot of hearts. Our contact at the foster agency explained what a bike means to a child in foster care: many of these kids don’t have much that is truly their own, but the bikes are theirs to keep and to take with them. Bikes provide a sense of independence, and a brand new bike is a sign that the people out in the world care. What a beautiful gift to give a child in foster care and just in time for Christmas.

A little plug about Together We Rise – they do more than just bikes! You can build birthday boxes, superhero boxes, and STEM boxes, duffle bags, and skateboards in addition to donating to their cause. They make your event as easy as possible.

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tED wants to know about your “Good Stuff”.  If you work with someone who is helping other people, or a group of co-workers that’s creating better outcomes, we want to know about it.

Please send your “Good Stuff” to Editorial & Web Assistant, Marie Jakle at mjakle@naed.org and Online Editor, Nicky Herron at nherron@naed.org. Send us details, names, and photos if you have them.

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