VP Mike Pence Visits Patriot Industries, Discusses USMCA

VP Mike Pence Visits Patriot Industries, Discusses USMCA

LOUISA, Vir. — Patriot Industries was honored to host a panel discussion regarding the USMCA (U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement) by America First Policies with special guest Vice President Mike Pence.

“When the call came in we thought it was someone playing a joke on us,” says Isabelle Rasnick, Patriot’s Director of Inside Sales. “Once we took a closer look and realized it was legit, we were honored…and needed to quickly mobilize the entire company to accommodate an unplanned, end-of-month event without disrupting our regular production, service, and any promised customer deliveries,” she continued.

Sean Northcutt, Patriot’s Director of Operations said, “the team really came together to make this happen. We had to move material and machines to clear a space of about 12,000 square feet in our 30,000 square foot production facility. As you can imagine, a working factory doesn’t just have that much space sitting unused.”

The panel members included former Virginia Governor George Allen, Congressman Denver Riggleman, and Congressman Rob Wittman. 5th District Representative Denver Riggleman commented, “Hopefully the Democratic leadership will get the USMCA out. We’ve gotta have it, and for Virginia, it’s huge for us.”

Together, Tom and Sarah Click delivered the opening remarks to kick off the event. Tom Click, Patriot’s President & CEO said, “Growing up in a small town in Eastern Kentucky…you can’t help but see the mountains… Mountains such as a lack of opportunity, a lack of direction, and a lack of purpose…which oftentimes leads to poverty, hopelessness, and drug addiction…and I thought one day I’ll find a way to help my hometown and other towns conquer their mountains.” Sarah Click, Patriot Co-Founder & Partner, continued, “Together we outlined a strategy for building a business that would support our family and many others across Central Virginia. Once we found a banker who knew what “pipe” was, we finalized the business plan and borrowed from our 401ks to purchase our first semi-automatic production line.” Tom ended with, “We’re glad you’re here today, and we invite you to join us in supporting American Manufacturing, in supporting We The People, and in continuing to build our Great Nation. Thank you and God Bless You and God Bless America!”

Vice President Mike Pence complimented Patriot by saying, “It was remarkable to think, you know, when Tom and Sarah got started — Patriot Industries — they started with just four things. I’m told: 1,000 square feet of leased space, a hand threading machine that they bought on the Internet. Nine years later, thanks to their leadership and your hard work, Patriot Industries sells its products all over the world.” The Vice President publicly recognized Marine Corporal Thomas Bell, Line Lead and Patriot Employee, for the last 8 years. He also recognized Army Specialist Sean Northcutt, who was “deployed to Afghanistan as a part of the legendary 101st Airborne, the Screaming Eagles.”

Sarah Click commented, “From the very beginning, Patriot has had faith in and a commitment to supporting American Manufacturing and our US Military Veterans. This event was a showcase for the power of that faith.”

Adds Tom Click: “it was an honor to be selected out of the blue. Other than participating in the NAED Congressional Fly-ins, we don’t put any resources into anything political so this was especially surprising. We believe that everyone wants to be a Patriot, regardless of their political affiliation…and that’s the way it should be. We are one Nation, we are one team, we are “We The People”.

Vice President Pence’s remarks may be found here:

Tom and Sarah Click’s remarks and a video of their presentation may be found here:

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