WEC Distributors Opens Branch in Hato Rey

WEC Distributors Opens Branch in Hato Rey

PUERTO RICO — WEC Distributors, formerly Wholesale Electric Caribe, Inc. recently inaugurated a new off-grid branch in San Juan, serving as an example of WEC’s commitment to clean energy solutions.

Located on the corner of Roosevelt Ave. and America Street, the micro-grid facility consists of nine Schneider XW6848 plus inverters rated for three phase 208V DC, coupled with 60kW of AC continuous output power. In addition, the system has 6 SMA 7.7kW AC-coupled in¬verters offering 30kW AC output power to maximize consumption efficiency. The PV system consists of 160 Longi solar modules, each 430W bifacial and providing a capacity of 68.8kW DC with 30kW distributed to SMA inverters and 38.8kW to 8 Schneider MPPT 80/600 DC-coupled charge controllers.

The battery bank consists of 20 of the latest generation of Fortress Power eVault Max DC batteries, each capable of 18.5kW for a total storage capacity of 370kW with fully integrated communications to the Schneider inverters.

“Off-grid electrical construction is common in residential projects, but we are now seeing this trend moving to commercial building construction, especially as features improve and prices come down for lithium batteries and solar products,” said WEC Solar Product Manager Daniel Rios.

The new facility joins other WEC operations on the island in Barceloneta, Cayey, and Quebradillas. Rios encourages people to visit the Hato Rey facility to not only see the off-grid installation but to learn about complementary Net Zero products.

“People tend to think about clean energy in just solar terms,” said WEC President Miguel Barrios. And, while solar is an essential and important resource for relying less on or substituting fossil fuels, there are other solutions that can be combined for this purpose as well. What we do at WEC is help customers—whether commercial, industrial or residential—find the right resource or combination of solutions that will help them rely less on fossil fuels, or even go off-grid.”

WEC is a fast-growing electrical distributor in Puerto Rico and the Northeastern United States, with projects spanning from Massachusetts to California. With full-service branches in North Bergen, N.J. and Washington, D.C., WECI continues to play a crucial role in managing federal recovery projects for Puerto Rico.

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