Wes Butler, COO of Parrish-Hare, Announces Retirement

Wes Butler

IRVING, Texas — After forty years of service, COO Wes Butler has announced his retirement from the team at Parrish-Hare Electrical Supply in Irving, Texas.

Butler has been an extremely important member of the company, one of the main contributors to its success, and a fundamental part of Parrish-Hare’s growth and culture. He has consistently been a great leader, a role model, and to some of the employees, a dear and loyal friend.

Pat Hare, Parrish-Hare’s Owner, shared some words about Butler’s integrity, character, and impact on the company at Butler’s retirement party:

Year in and year out, he was the guy you could trust to take care of our company and do the right thing, for our customers, for our employees and for our community. When you live with honesty and integrity, you don’t need to worry about what you might have told someone a month ago because it’s always been the truth. Together we realized who we are as a company that “treats our team like family and our customers like friends.

Butler was loyal, motivated and passionate about Parrish-Hare and his community. His best gifts were his leadership capabilities and his desire to see people grow. While he will be missed, the company wishes him well in his retirement, and in his pursuit of new interests and hobbies.

Greg Johnson, General Manager of Parrish-Hare said that many are following Wes’s steps and his legacy permeated throughout the company’s vision, mission, and values:

Wes’ presence and wisdom always kept us honest. He was the compass that showed us the way and his integrity was legendary in our industry among clients and employees, many followed his steps inspired by his character.”

Butler’s Family is very happy to have him full-time now and they have amazing projects planned together that will keep him busy for many years to come. Parrish-Hare wishes him well in his new adventure.

If your actions inspire others do more, to dream more, learn more and become more, you are a leader. ~ John Quincy Adams

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